The Beyond Categories Lab’s students had the opportunity to present their research at the Arts & Sciences Student Symposium and at the PSYC 300 Final Poster Session. Everyone put so much hard work into their projects and posters!


Individual differences in attractiveness perception predict social inferences, but not all altruistic desires. Glenn Rose, Ting Chen, Edwin Burns, Cindy Bukach. A&S Symposium.

Time course of visual word processing: An internet-based crowdsourced study. Aalok Sathe, Ting Chen, Olivia Stibolt, Matthew Lowder, Cindy Bukach. A&S Symposium.

Zooming in: Investigating how the removal of external facial features affect other-race processing. Callie Cinque, Kendall Stewart, Elijah Meisel, Olivia Stibolt, Cindy Bukach. A&S Symposium.

Examining the impact of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on neural measures of vigilance. Christopher Cotter, Callie Cinque, Kendall Stewart, Kira Bartnick, Jane Song, Cindy Bukach. A&S Symposium and PSYC300 Session.

Individual differences in the P300 ERP component. Eliz Akin, Kira Bartnick, Alee Bonham, Cindy Bukach. A&S Symposium and PSYC300 Session.

Understanding the neural source of the Other-Race Effect and Angry Black Bias. Jane Song, Eliz Akin, Nadia Bukach, Christopher Cotter, Cindy Bukach. PSYC300 Session.