Chloe Lubin-Kirchner – International Student Leadership Conference: 2015

Attending the International Student Leadership Conference at James Madison University helped me understand better how to become a leader, being a “non-resident” international student. Interacting with other students at the conference helped me see that I was not the only person striving to become a leader while being “international,” thus facing the problem of integration. The workshops further triggered ideas that were culturally different, which made the conversations richer. These conversations required creativity, which is a useful tool for someone who expresses the desire to become a leader.

The guest speaker Miki Agrawal, author of “Do Cool Sh**”, was really inspiring. Her life experience shows that it is possible to do anything at any point of one’s life. She went on to develop completely different projects in her life, without limitation. Her workshop on becoming an entrepreneur not only helped me see how I could be more involved within an organization, thus gaining leadership skills, but also how to carry out my curiosity for different things in order to create projects and make something out of my different interests.



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