Isaiah Bailey – University of Richmond 2013

The Panama trip was an amazing experience that taught several beneficial lessons for life. First of all, the travel guide was an individual who had gone to college at his family’s behest, but wished to pursue a career that he would enjoy that would pay well enough for his interests. He speaks highly of pursuing satisfaction in career path before satisfaction in pay. He then assured us that all individuals who pursue the career of things they love would be sure to maximize their potential in the field, and therefore find financial success as well.

One of the most significant experiences was a trip to an indigenous village of the people of the Embera tribe. We had the opportunity to observe their culture, and we’re later challenged to critically analyze the impact of the government influence as well as the peace corps’ presence in their area and similar areas. Members of our student travel group were forced to consider ideas through the eyes of those being “helped” such as the Emberas, and consider rather or not the outside assistance to achieve ” better standards of living” actually benefit those people. It was a rewarding trip and I believe all students should have the opportunity to benefit from such an experience. I hope to use my experience to motivate others to consider differing points of view when pushing their own agendas as best.

Isaiah Bailey

University of Richmond 2013

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