Andrew Talbot – SEEDS West Virginia

This trip to West Virginia was eye-opening, and amazing. West Virginia is place that most people probably do not think about in their every day lives, and that is part of the reason it does not get some the attention that it really needs. From this trip, a group of twenty students engaged in a handful of service projects together, and held conversations with numerous community members. Through the entire experience, we all accomplished a lot, and learned even more; but most importantly, we grew closer together as a group.

Moving on from this trip, I definitely want to be involved in the planning process for future trips. Even though I plan on going abroad next spring, I definitely want to be a part of the planning, because I think that this trip is extremely valuable, and I would suggest it to everyone that they go on this trip. As a starting point, I have planned to be mediating a discussion in the North Court Reception Hall, Monday, April 9, about the documentary The Last Mountain and mountain top removal. The discussion will take place after a screening of the film by the Roosevelt Institute in the Greek Theater, and it will feature the sustainability coordinator, and two members from the SEEDS trip to West Virginia.

Andrew Talbot

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