Publications (Selected)

Published Articles and Book Chapters on Games

“Playing (with) the Villain: Critical Play and the Joker-as-Guide in Batman: Arkham Asylum (VG 2009)” in The Joker: A Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime, edited by Robert Peaslee & Robert Weiner for the University of Mississippi Press, 2015. 129-145.

“Friends & Rivals: Loyalty, Ethics, and Leadership in Dragon Age II,” in Identity and Leadership in Virtual Communities: Establishing Credibility and Influence edited by Joe Essid & Dona Hickey for IGI Global, 2014. 145-169.

“Maker’s Breath: Religion, Spirituality, and the Godless World of Dragon Age II” in the special issue “Religion and Digital Games” in Online: Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet vol. 5.1 (2014).


Media Publications (newspapers, magazines, invited/featured blog posts)

Piece on gender and gaming distributed to multiple news outlets, here on the Seattle Times: “Women’s Voices Rightly Pushing to Advance Gaming Culture.”

Regular games editor at The Learned Fangirl: A Critical Take on Online Culture and Social Media.

One of several “experts” on diversity in gaming on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR.

Opinion piece online in the Christian Science Monitor: “Stop blaming video games for America’s gun violence.” (February 12, 2013; reprinted in print edition March, 2013)

Featured blog post on Women & Technology: “Now with Improved Fem-Tech!” on the inclusion of female avatars in Call of Duty: Ghosts (August 16, 2013).

Featured in Digital America as part of a process piece on ARG gaming in education (with her Games class).

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