If You Don’t Like It: The Two Most Ridiculous Arguments Against Diversity in Games

17 Feb

There are two things I frequently see in arguments against diversity in games (and other media, but especially in games) which are worth noting because of the spectacular way in which they completely miss the ideological boat about which the … Read More »

NPC Burn Her!: The Eerie Similarity Between Online Feminism and the Early Modern Witch-Hunts

5 Feb

In my other life (the one where I’m a Shakespeare scholar), I’ve been doing research on early modern witchcraft, and–this week–on the witch-hunts which ran roughshod over Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In the process, I came to … Read More »

Times Are A-changin’: Bringing Diversity into the Spotlight at E32015

15 Jun

Sometimes, after a lot of yelling, typing, hand-waving, and crying, sometimes the powers-that-be actually listen. Even more rarely, they listen and then act. And when that happens, it becomes clear that speaking out and speaking up really do matter. That … Read More »