Here are links to recent papers/talks/books/notes:

Function theory and lp spaces

The dual of the compressed shift 

Partially isometric matrices: a brief and selective survey

Inner vectors for Toeplitz operators

Finite Blaschke products and their connections

Inner functions in reproducing kernel spaces

Inner functions and zero sets for l^p

Clark measures and a theorem of Ritt

Optimal weak parallelogram constants for L^p spaces

Inner functions and zero sets for l^p

Multipliers between range spaces of co-analytic Toeplitz operators 

Birkhoff-James orthogonality and the zeros of an analytic function

Multipliers of sequence spaces

The range of a real Smirnov function

Finite Blaschke products: a survey

A survey on reverse Carleson measures 

Real complex functions

Multipliers between model spaces

Compact operators on model spaces

An inner-outer factorization in p with applications to ARMA processes

Weak parallelogram laws on Banach spaces and applications to prediction

Range spaces of co-analytic Toeplitz operators

Introduction to Model spaces and their Operators

Concrete examples of Hb spaces 

Partial orders on partial isometries

Carleson measures for Hb spaces

Extremal problems for characteristic functions (talk)

Lectures on model spaces

Lectures on Clark measures

Model spaces: a survey

On a theorem of Livsic (talk on this paper)

Bad boundary behavior in star invariant subspaces I

Bad boundary behavior in star invariant subspaces II

Reverse Carleson embeddings for model spaces

The Jordan curve theorem is non-trivial.

C* algebras generated by truncated Toeplitz operators

Recent progress on truncated Toeplitz operators

Truncated Toeplitz operators on finite dimensional spaces

A non-linear extremal problem for the Hardy space

The norm of a truncated Toeplitz operator

Spatial isomorphisms of truncated Toeplitz opertors

Spatial isomorphisms of algebras of truncated Toeplitz operators (recent talk)

Unitary equivalence to a truncated Toeplitz operator

Truncated Toeplitz operators and nearly invariant subspaces

Boundary values in range spaces of truncated Toeplitz operators (recent talk) (another recent talk)

Hardy spaces of slit domains (talk)

Common cyclic vectors for normal operators

Common cyclic vectors for unitary operators 

The Cauchy Transform  (expository paper) (talk)

The backward shift (expository paper)

 Generalized Analytic Continuation (talk)

Pseudocontinuations and the backward shift

The classical Dirichlet space