Kubrick on Claudia Weill’s “Girlfriends”

Here’s an interesting quote from Stanley Kubrick on Girlfriends:

Foix: Are you interested in the new paths or trends within current Hollywood production being tried by people like Coppola, Schrader, Spielberg, Scorsese or DePalma?

Kubrick: I think one of the most interesting Hollywood films, well not Hollywood — American films — that I’ve seen in a long time is Claudia Weill’s Girlfriends. That film, I thought, was one of the very rare American films that I would compare with the serious, intelligent, sensitive writing and filmmaking that you find in the best directors in Europe. It wasn’t a success, I don’t know why; it should have been. Certainly I thought it was a wonderful film. It seemed to make no compromise to the inner truth of the story, you know, the theme and everything else.

The great problem is that the films cost so much now; in America it’s almost impossible to make a good film — which means you have to spend a certain amount of time on it, and have good technicians and good actors — that aren’t very, very expensive. This film that Claudia Weill did, I think she did on an amateur basis; she shot it for about a year, two or three days a week. Of course she had a great advantage, because she had all the time she needed to think about it, to see what she had done. I thought she made the film extremely well.

You can find the full interview here: https://cinephiliabeyond.org/interview-stanley-kubrick-vicente-molina-foix/