#10 News: what it is? how do you get it? why should we care?

How do you get informed? The way we receive “the news” has evolved over the last century, and technology has played a large roll in that evolution. Just 30 years ago, most people were informed by newspapers and the broadcast news. Today, we have a seemingly endless supply of sources to deliver us news: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Podcasts, Radio, TV… the list goes on and on. In our latest show, Scott and I talk about this evolution and specifically how technology alters our experience. Hope you enjoy!


#9 Box: Cloud Storage – A new way to think about your digital stuff.

The University of Richmond is retiring a traditional NAS/SAN storage solution and introducing Box: a hosted cloud storage (and collaboration) solution. In this episode of UR Tech Savvy, Scott and I talk about all things Box. We begin with a history of the company with some background into Box’s business model and structure. We finish talking about how we see faculty and staff using Box here on campus. Hope you enjoy listening!

To learn more about University of Richmond Box accounts click here.

#8 Who’s behind the wheel? Are driverless cars coming?

This week Scott and I discuss the future of transportation. Some argue the greatest technological disruption in the near future will occur in the transportation sector. How will we get from point A to point B? Will computers take over driving responsibilities? What will the culture, social, and ethical repercussions be? How will this drastically altered transportation model effect the education system. We cover all these awesome questions PLUS introduce our new colleague in the CTLT, Ryan Brazell. I gotta be honest, this is a great podcast. Hope you enjoy!

Additional Information

Medium.com Self Driving Trucks

telegraph.co.uk Ten ways that driverless cars will change the world

Gizmodo.com Self driving taxis cut greenhouse emissions?

#7 Music – How streaming services are changing the game

Music is something that Scott and I love. It’s also an interesting topic because it touches on so many of the issues we love to talk about here in the CTLT: technology, culture, and innovation. The way that society has consumed music has drastically shifted in the last century, particularly in the last 25 years. We have gone from buying physical tapes/CDs to renting access to online streaming music. We are in the midst of a new shift in the culture and technology surrounding music. Streaming music, having (legal) access to tens of millions of song at the push of a button, is changing the way we interact and even think about music. In light of the recently released Apple Music, Scott and I talk about these shifts and how they impact us and the education technology landscape. Hope you enjoy the episode!


The New Yorker: The anxious ease of apple music

The Verge: Apple Music review

#6 Folders, files, backups OH MY

Is your desktop a cluttered mess? Do you have a little voice in your head that says maybe I should backup my files once and a while? This installment of UR Tech Savvy, Scott and I talk about solutions for folder organization and backups. It’s an exciting time in storage news as more and more companies are offering (nearly) free and (nearly) unlimited cloud storage. Hope you enjoy!

#5 Altfest – A conferen… FESTIVAL

Scott and I took a 10 minute trip down the road to VCU’s AltLab for the first Altfest a few weeks ago. Altfest was a festival of ideas about educational technology and learning. We both really enjoyed it and thought it would make for a great podcast episode.

For our 5th (do the 5th anniversary dance) episode, Scott and I talk about the Altfest experience. Some specific topics we discuss are the need for Makerspaces on campus, the benefits of quality wordpress installations in the classroom, and much more! Hope you enjoy!

#4 Education in 3D

In this episode of UR Tech Savvy, Scott and I talk about emerging 3D imaging and modeling technologies and how they impact modern education. We are particularly excited about this topic because we just bought a Oculus Rift DK2 for the CTLT and are looking for uses here at the University of Richmond. Hope you enjoy the podcast


#3 Is the camera dead?

Kodak_Brownie_Flash_IIIIn this episode of UR Tech Savvy, we take on the question “is the camera dead?” With the explosion of “cellphones” that double as high quality cameras, is there a use for stand-alone or single-function cameras anymore? As two experienced SLR photographers, Scott and I talk about how all these cellphone/cameras are altering the educational experience on campus and ways that faculty can benefit. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to the fascinating Feltron talk we mention during the podcast.

#2 Wearable Technology

The big news in the tech world this month has been about the Apple Watch. On this month’s episode of UR Tech Savvy, Scott and I will discuss all things wearable technology. Is there an educational purpose? How will it change the way students interact? Hope you enjoy!