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Should I send a hand-written or email thank-you note after an interview?
A well-written, sincere thank-you note makes a good impression immediately after an interview. Send a separate note to each interviewer after a screening interview and personalize the message based on your conversation. If the employer indicates that decisions will be made relatively quickly, which is typical after OCI and GPIIP, an email is appropriate. If the employer’s timetable is a week or more, a handwritten (legible) note is appropriate.

What should I say in my thank-you note after the interview?
The perfect thank-you note requires three sentences and describes something about the interview that made it memorable to you. Here’s an example:
Dear Mr. or Ms. ___,
Thank you for taking time to interview me for a summer internship with XYZ Employer. I enjoyed hearing your description of the environmental practice group’s needs, and I believe I would be a natural fit. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to connecting with you again soon.
Susan Student

When will I hear back from the employer? How will they contact me?
Employers typically call or email candidates to offer the position or an invitation for a call-back interview. (They rarely text.) Therefore, make sure in advance that your outgoing phone greeting is professional, your voice mailbox is empty, and you have notifications set up so you are alerted when you receive a voice mail message. Promptly return an employer’s phone call within a couple of hours (not a day). Same rules apply for an email from an employer.
Some employers will make quick or same-day hiring decisions, while others may take weeks. Please contact your career advisor for guidance on following up with an employer after an interview.

How long after an interview should I follow up with a potential employer?
At the end of an interview, it is appropriate to ask about the employer’s time frame for making a decision. That should give you a sense of whether they will continue to interview and deliberate for days or weeks or months. A follow-up email or phone call one week after their anticipated decision date is appropriate to reiterate your interest and inquire about the status of the decision. If you do not know when they intend to make a decision, a follow-up email or phone call one week after the interview, and then in regular intervals, is appropriate.

How should I continue my job search while I am waiting for offers on applications already submitted?
If you have not received an offer of summer or post-graduate employment, it is important to continue networking, researching target employers, and applying for new jobs. Please contact your career advisor if you need help determining the next steps in your employment search.

I was invited to a call-back interview. How will this be different than the screening interview?
Screening interviews are generally conducted by one or two attorneys for 20-30 minutes. Call-back interviews often involve a panel interview or a series of interviews with multiple attorneys. Read the CDO Callback Interview Guide to learn more. If your interview is in person, remember that the interview starts when you arrive at the employer’s building. Make sure you treat the parking attendant, receptionist, and administrative assistant with respect.