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Looking for a way to enhance your professional development while commuting or traveling or exercising? A wide variety of legal podcasts are hosted by practicing lawyers, legal journalists, and bar association leaders. Some programs focus on trending issues and cases within a specific practice area, while other programs highlight different practice areas from episode to episode. Many programs discuss issues related to practice management, business development, and developing key soft skills.

Check out the ABA Journal’s Web 100 Best Law Podcasts of 2018 ( and here are a few legal podcasts highlighted in the NALP Bulletin (February 2019):

The Law School Toolbox Podcast: Tools for Law Students from 1L to the Bar Exam, and Beyond

I Am the Law: A show that profiles legal professionals in a variety of jobs and practice areas

Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard

The ABA Law Student Podcast

Lawyer 2 Lawyer