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Many federal agencies accept applications on a rolling basis for internships and post-graduate opportunities, while others have firm deadlines.  Some offer both paid and unpaid internships. You can find these opportunities by checking out (set up an alert to receive announcements), by going to the websites of agencies that do work you are interested in, or perusing the Government Honors Program Handbook (includes some state honors programs as well). You will need a login and password from the CDO to access the Handbook (this is a fee service that the CDO pays for). In addition, positions are sometimes posted in Symplicity, or agencies may participate in OCI. We also have alums working in federal government positions who are willing to talk to students about how to get started in federal employment.

There are several federal government agencies located here in Richmond, including the Internal Revenue Service, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Reserve Bank, and Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as federal public defenders’ and prosecutors’ offices.