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Q.  Is there an advantage to applying before the stated OCI deadline? 
A.  Employers participating in OCI will receive submitted applications the day after the posted deadline, so it does not give you an advantage to apply early (except you then have more time to work on other applications and you do not run into unforeseen obstacles in applying).
For other job postings, it generally is better to apply well before the stated deadline. Employers often review resumes and begin interviewing before the application deadline. So, a non-OCI position may be filled before the stated deadline.

Q.  Does applying to an employer obligate me to interview?
A.  Yes, you must participate in interviews to which you are invited unless you have accepted other employment and notified the CDO.

Q.  Do I have to write separate a cover letter for each employer?
A.  If the employer requests a cover letter, you must provide one. Cover letters should be employer specific. Do not send generic cover letters. Make sure the cover letter is properly addressed to a specific individual.

Q.  How to I upload an unofficial transcript?
A.  Supplemental documents such as a transcript, list of references and writing sample are required when the employer specifically requests them. If an employer requires an unofficial transcript at the application stage, create a grade list using the CDO template and do not use a print-out from BannerWeb. Include the courses you are registered to take next year.

Q.  What should I use as my writing sample?
A.  Employers generally want a legal writing sample that is between five and ten pages in length and that represents the best sample of your writing. It can be a piece you wrote for Law Skills, a journal article, a paper submitted for a writing competition, or a memorandum you prepared for an employer. If you use a piece that was prepared for an employer, be sure to redact any identifying information and get your employer’s permission to use it. Pieces that have been co-drafted or re-written by others are not acceptable. Law Skills papers or other writing samples that were reviewed and critiqued by others are fine, as long as you are the one who did any re-writing or re-drafting. Remember to include a cover page with your name and contact information in the same format as your resume header.