November 19 The Last Minute Paper Breaking Bread Late Night LoRo

To begin, the first biblical narrative we discussed was the story of Genesis 1. Over the duration of the course, we reviewed the Jewish, Christian and ‘Gnostic interpretations of this story. Some of the points we made on this topic were how God may be evil, the implications of Satan in the story, the differing personifications of God throughout and the varying perspectives of Adam and Eve. In the Noah story, we talked about the historical meaning of the text (there actually was a Great Flood) but how the biblical perspective may have skewed what was written. We also discussed the covenant that God made with humanity not to ever wipe them out again. In the story of Abraham and Isaac we talked about the varying interpretations that filled the flaws of the story. A major point was the Christian and Jewish perspectives of Isaac and his parallels with Jesus, sacrifice and God’s will.

We love you Dr. Cobb <3

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