Queer Feeling and Gesture

My post highlights the queer community and more specifically how certain gestures of the queer community influence other people. The quote I chose for my video was “The gestures he performs matter worlds to the children who compose his audiences. Aviance is something of a beacon that displays and channels worlds of queer pain and pleasure In his moves we see the suffering of being a gender outlaw, one who lives outside the dictates of heteronormativity.” This quote is referring to Kevin Aviance who Muñoz refers to a lot in his article. I chose this quote because I wanted to highlight the importance of queer gestures, including drag, is when talking about representation. For younger people who are still coming to terms with their identity seeing queer people represented in the media can be monumental for them in developing who they are and how they want to present themselves.

When putting together my video the first thing I did was search videos of Kevin Aviance. The video I ended up using was a music video he had made which includes a lot of clips of him dancing. I thought this would be a great video because it is a perfect representation of queer gestures and dances which Muñoz emphasizes a lot in his article. I chose to slow down the video in order for his movements to be emphasized so we could really see and analyze how he chooses to present himself. The audio that I chose is from an interview with a man named Vincent Cooper who talks about how seeing a drag queen perform made him feel. I thought the audio paired well with the video because he is talking about a drag performance while Aviance is performing and it all comes together to emphasize the queer gestures and representation.