Munoz reading


I decided to simplify my media content for this video and really focus on my argument and the meaning being produced by the elements I was putting together. I chose a clip from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, Girls and Guys. In the clip, contestant Denzel is shaming model Will for his sexuality and his choice to be a male and wear high heels. Denzel consistently makes disrespectful and offensive comments towards Will and his choices as a homosexual man. I used the quote from the Munoz reading, “Historically, evidence of queerness has been used to penalize and discipline queer desires, connections, and acts…there is often gatekeeper, representing a straight present, who will labor to invalidate the historical fact of queer lives…” I felt like this quote perfectly represented the conflict of going on in the clip when Denzel is trying to make Will feel inferior for wearing heels and more importantly for being gay. I opened with the entire quote to give the viewer and idea of the text in its entirety and have a clear set up for the coming visuals.

I added audio of the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera which I thought was fitting due to its empowering lyrics about someone overcoming verbal abuse or hate by another person. Although at the beginning Will breaks down after facing harsh words from Denzel, he finds support from the other models and goes on to perform well in the photoshoot and ultimately wear high heels to panel. I weaved the text within the video to clearly label the power hierarchy in the clip with Denzel as the “straight gatekeeper” and Will as the “queer” whose “acts” are trying to be “disciplined.”