Love is Patient

After reading chapter 4, Approaching Kevin Avience, I was immediately reminded of an interview I watched with producer/director Lee Daniels. In this interview with Larry King, Daniels discusses how he was bullied and tormented by both his family and friends for being gay and not presenting as a typical male boy should. A part of the interview is in the clip below. This related for me to the quote I chose in the video about how Kevin felt something was off just even about the way he walked. Like, his walk, the way his legs transported him from one place to another, outed him as being gay. He wasn’t even trying to express anything about himself with this action, he was just trying to move. This, compared to Daniels’ experience of outing himself through expression and not caring what people thought of him, served as a nice contrast for me.

I decided to put the majority of the audio from Daniels over a black screen so the audience members could focus on what he was saying without any distractions. I chose to put the quote to music from Macklemore because I thought it went well with what both Kevin and Daniels were expressing. They both felt unloved for being who they are from their family. Macklemore’s song portrays the idea that love should be unconditional and unfortunately, it often is not.