Affect and Digital Communities

This weeks reading and keyword prompted me to think about present day digital communities and how we communicate with each other on a regular basis. For this video, I started out with a simple image of how as a society we are so interconnected using the internet and social media. The keyword, “Affect” discusses how our connected communities illicit emotions and mobilize different movements all from behind a cell phone or computer screen. The readings reminded me a lot of Bitmoji, the platform that allows a user to create an emoji that looks just like them– and then shows them in different scenes/scenarios. The video that follows the community image is a representation of how technology can be taken too far, and the different affects it has. While it does not explicitly say this, the women speaking states that the new form of face to face communication is using Bitmoji. I found this statement to be a little ridiculous, far fetched, and a bit worrisome that an emoji could even be considered face to face communication. I wanted to juxtapose this extreme with the benefits of social media through the community building image that precedes this video.