Hair Nah

This week I wanted my post to surround the video and readings about Hair Nah. I think they work well with our keyword Othering this week. I think the interview and Momo Pixel’s game highlight the lack of conversation about important issues that relate to race. This is a daily nuisance and “othering” of African American women. By constantly touching their hair without their permission it creates this idea that their hair is different and unusual and a topic of fascination, when in fact none of this is or should be true. The keywords piece explains how “Othering reinforces oppression and discrimination,” and touching a black women’s hair is a perfect example of an action that does this. It’s important to emphasize the need for acknowledgement of actions like these. In order to make progress on othering, conversations are necessary that teach people about the systematic embedment of othering in our society.

This week to create my post I used a video from a popular Youtube video “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls”. After I played Hair Nah it reminded me so much of this Youtube channel hat has a series of these videos highlighting and making fun of things that white people say. Like the Hair Nah game it addresses ignorance, microaggressions and issues in a comical and fun way. Momo Pixel, creator of the game discusses in her interview how she loves her game because “it’s funny and serious at the same time.” So I created a title slide for the week, Racialized Fashions, and then added the clip from the Shit White Girls Say video that talks about hair. I included a picture of the game and superimposed a quote from Momo Pixel’s interview by using preview and used a black background behind it so you could read the text. I added music from iMovie in the background to go along with the still image and text. I also added in a voiceover from a Buzzed video “Women Play Hair Nah” over the final “You won” image of the game. Lastly, I imported a E!News video that discusses Solange Knowles calling out a magazine for retouching her hair.