Week 7 Readings

Mayer’s quote made me think of the TV shows Blackish, and Fresh Off the Boat. These shows claim to show a representational experience of these minority groups, but there has been a lot of pushback from both of them. This is very reminiscent of the keyword “audience” for this week. Hills states that “sometimes audiences represent a problem to be criticized…”(17). I think that it is really interesting that these shows, while attempting to create a new type of TV show, is still very much playing into the aesthetics of the dominant TV discourses. In creating shows like this, they are indirectly pointing out a niche that needs to be filled.  Mayer’s reading serves to point out a minority group and how they reacted to the dominant discourse and how they attempted to find a solution. I chose a quote from Mayer’s reading, discussing how presenting new video aesthetics might be able to represent different communities distinctly as who they really are. I used a video clip from the TV show blackish, with the quote put on after the opening scene of one of the episodes.