Inevitable Competition


For this week’s post, I decided to draw from some of the ideas and content I discussed a few weeks ago regarding Ouellette’s Enterprising Selves reading. When reading Enterprising Selves, I wondered why Ouellette did not really discuss shows such as Bad Girls Club in her analysis of competition and success in reality television. Because of this, I decided to continue with my discussion of Bad Girls Club for this week’s post.

I kept the picture and quote that I previously used because I still feel that the quote embodies how I see Bad Girls Club fitting into Ouellette’s discussion of reality television and competition. I chose to include some video clips from YouTube of a few fights from various seasons of the show. I muted the audio because all of the women were practically saying the same thing before the fights occurred, which is basically warning the other person not to be disrespectful towards them. I put audio from Rihanna’s song “Bad Girl” over the first set of videos because I felt that it represented not only the fights but the entire premise of the show. In the song, Rihanna is calling herself a “bad girl,” which is what all of the women on the show refer to themselves as. I also felt this brought a more theatrical aspect to the videos rather than just simply watching the girls fight. I also used the same clip of Christina from season nine that I used in my other post, as it displays the inevitable competitive nature of the show. I decided to close out my video post with another video clip of a fight as well as the Bad Girls Club theme song that leads into the season three picture and quote from the reading at the end. The last clip and the lyrics of the song further emphasize the competitive nature of the show, as everyone aims to be the “baddest girl.”