Gates Reading

This quote makes me think of a campaign of an organization that came to my high school. They discussed how the media attempts to use Beyonce as a person of color, but then all of her advertisements and music videos and photos look like she’s aspiring to a “white” beauty. She has long blonde hair, and there are photos that photoshop her skin to look as light as possible. Recently, with her Lemonade album, she has taken back some of her identity, but before that album it was true that she really try to commodify herself to fit into the white idea of beauty. The key word that comes to mind is commodification. Gates discusses how film and television has created a type of beauty through lighting and different aspects of that world to make excuses for why film and television are racist, and the characterization of Beyonce I think fits in perfectly. I thought that her song, Pretty Hurts, was also very fitting. I used Microsoft Word to create the image.