The “Branding” reading in, “Keywords for Media Studies” discusses the purpose of creating a brand, and how forming a brand has changed over the past decade. The quote, “A brand is the perception, the series of images, themes, morals, values, feelings, the essence of what will be experienced, a promise,” refers to how a brand can effect a consumers expectation of the product they are investing in. Additionally, a brand can alter a customers choice of which company to purchase from when looking for a specific product or service. This reading reminded me of all of those commercials that are always on replay, to the degree that I have the words to some jingles memorized even if I have never used that particular product (maybe except McDonald’s). This is the work of a successfully created brand, as now if I need insurance or new flooring, I already have a company in mind. The first jingle that I thought of was the Empire Today commercial that includes the telephone number in such a catchy way, I know it by heart.


To create this post, I made a small collage using photoshop of a few brands that I remember having catchy jingles/commercials. I then linked the sound from the Empire Today commercial into the blog post.