Ouellette Reading

This quote immediately made me think of Khloe Kardashian’s fairly new show called Revenge Body. The premise is that she helps people get their life back, getting “revenge” on either a specific person or their life when they were overweight and presumably, from the show’s eyes, unhappy. The last part of the episode there is a big reveal, where they had a whole “glam squad” come in I think this speaks so much to the class discrepancy that the quote discusses, in that if we have the mentality that we’re just helping “these people” we’re not viewing them as our equal. It’s still very much the mentality that a celebrity, someone way higher up on the socioeconomic hierarchy, is helping this lowly normal person. I chose this photo from google images, because I think it really embodies how much goes make-up and process goes into making someone look like they do “every-day” for their reality TV show. This is what the Kardashians go through every morning before they start filming their show. The sound-byte that I’ve included shows a contestant on Khloe’s show saying, “Knowing that I was going to be getting what Khloe gets, and by them, is insane.” There’s still such a sense of the rich giving to the poor, which just perpetuates the classist issue that is shown in reality TV show.