I created this post to remind us that society’s view of beauty and perfection has been created under false pretenses.  Society has become obsessed with consuming television and social media more than ever before.  We see so much “beauty” around us that it has begun to shape what we think as beautiful in society.  But this post is to help us remember that society has turned beauty into a commodity.  It is expensive to get and to maintain.  Most people who are on television are in 100% hair and make up every time we see them and have spent a lot of money to look the way they do.  Television networks and movie producers are constantly forcing women to change the way they look in order to fit a role.  Whether this is losing weight or getting plastic surgery, women do it in order to be the ideal “beautiful” and make money on screen.


I created this post by using a base picture that I found through google.  I wanted an image that shows what women put themselves through to be what they think is beautiful.  I then added a quote from Michael Foucault about the discourse and power structures of society, and how that plays a huge role in how we shape and view ourselves within this socially constructed  society.  Finally, I paired it with a song that I think speaks to the unique natural beauty of every women in society to help reinforce the message that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.  However, until each women starts to change the way they view beauty it will continue to be a commodity that producers control.