Say Her Name

In this Ted Talk, Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality. This term can explain the violence and oppression that black woman face in their everyday lives–the struggles they face in gender and race, being female and being black. Intersectionality is a lens in which we could look at the problems in our society and that is why I chose this quote along with the images of some of the black woman who have lost their lives. “When there is no name you can’t see a problem, and when you can’t see a problem you can’t solve it.” The media very rarely broadcasts police brutality that black woman have faced yet we have heard the many names of black males who have experienced the same exact brutality. The question that Crenshaw raises is why don’t we know these stories? This may be a conscious effort that the media is making to refrain from saying the names of black woman who have been killed by police. As a society we haven’t heard of these names so therefore we can’t see the problem which will then cause for more innocent black woman to loose their lives. The media needs to step up and do their job in a fair manner so that justice can be reached and better policies can be created to protect all lives against unjust acts.