Representation Blog Post


As Henderson discusses, representation in our media has changed as our platforms have changed. Rather than trying to appeal to millions of people, streaming services are now able to focus on specific groups of people in order to gain the attention of advertisers. This enables producers to represent smaller groups such as LGTBQ. However, there is still under representation and misrepresentation of minority groups in our national television. At the end of the passage, Henderson asks this question of “What would do we want, and how can we use our new platforms to imagine it together?” In addition to the changing of television platforms, all other media platforms have been developing as well. As shown in this image, new media platforms are forming everyday that can be used as another step in creating the world that we imagine it to be everyday. This has enabled the spread of information to groups of people around the world. The media in our televisions are developing, however still under representing or misrepresenting minorities. We can we use our own media platforms to represent the world as we want to see it. If transgender individuals don’t see people like them in the media, we can use Facebook, instagram, blogging etc. to form these connections between people around the world and make everybody feel represented in reality. As the images says, we can discuss, share, publish through these social networks, blogs, virtual worlds etc. to decide what we want with our world and make that world happen. 

I used photo booth to put the quote over the picture. This image was difficult because it is filled with words so in order for the quote to be seen, I had to put it on the same of the image.