Creating Misrepresentations

Representation discusses how one word can symbolize a variety of qualities and characteristics, but intersectionality discusses how these representations can at times be misinterpreted. Both of these phenomena are exhibited in Alsultany’s article on perceptions of Arabs and Muslims post-9/11. Unfortunately, in the wake of the actions of those 19 men who acted on that Tuesday morning, all Arabs in America represented terror.

George W. Bush’s call for a War on Terror accelerated this perception, and inspired some of these feelings that resulted in a misrepresentation of an entire people. In his “Introduction,” Alsultany speaks of the American’s who did not subscribe to this representation and his appreciation for them. Those individuals seem to have some understanding of this concept of intersectionality, that there are many determinants that must be accounted for when judging an individual.

Through it all, the erection of the Freedom Tower has represented America’s power and perseverance.