Alsultany Post

It is so ironic that the right was so for the USA PATRIOT Act, which violates a lot of the ideology that Americans hold so dear to the principles that we were created on. The right to free speech, the fact that police need a warrant for search and seizure, innocent until proven guilty, all of these rights are taken away from Muslim and Arab AMERICANS with the USA Patriot Act, although take away the right to bear arms from the right, and they are quite literally up in arms about it. It is so interesting that there are so many contradictions and misconceptions when discussing politics and stances on policies that the US has, and how there are certain buzzwords, such as patriotism, that politicians capitalize on to light a fire in their audience’s psyche. Using the word patriot in  the title, it makes it seem like if anyone is against the act, they are against patriotism itself. Using those buzzwords is very effective in communicating a certain type of message.