Shaka Senghor, Writing My Wrongs

This is one of my favorite authethnographies. Senghor tells us how he became incarcerated, but in the context of his family, his childhood, and his environment. Below I did a little Mind Map of Senghor’s book. What do you think? Can we distill the reasons he engaged in a life of crime into one or … [Read more…]


How does this dual autoethnography provide insight into the journey of women into a new occupational field? Is it useful for a general audience? Chapters 6 and 7 were assigned to give you a different format to look at. Were they helpful or confusing?

Welcome to PLSC 379: Autoethnography

Dear Students: I am excited to begin this semester in this new course. This semester we will learn how the personal becomes the political. We will discover how to make sense of a moment, an event, or a period of our lives in the context of community–family, neighborhood, city, state, nation, and global. Autoethnography is … [Read more…]