Welcome Back!

By: MaryAnn Grover, Editor-in-Chief

The Richmond Public Interest Law Review welcomes you to the PILR Blog. As we begin our second year of blogging, we also enter our twenty-second year of publishing scholarly articles addressing the serious issues that occupy the minds of those who work in the public interest.

This year we are lucky to welcome nineteen new staff members. They come to us from near and far. Eight are from Virginia, but other staff members come from states like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado. This group includes two “double-Spiders,” a marathon runner, and a former professional ballet dancer.

This diverse group will join our third-year staff members in the publication of three journal issues: a General Assembly Issue, a Symposium Issue, and a General Topics in Public Interest Law Issue. They will also join our third-year staff members in publishing blog posts on timely topics and in putting on a symposium about Lawyering in the Era of Me Too at the University of Richmond on October 19, 2018. Additionally, for the first time ever, our members will go out into the Richmond community to promote the public interest that we have historically only published about.

We hope you are as excited about Volume XXII of the Richmond Public Interest Law Review as we are, and we hope you will follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our publication website to keep up to date on the important articles we are publishing.