meaning in the music of Les Miserables

20 Oct

Les miserables is my favorite movie, and it was first introduced as a musical theatre performance before it became a movie. The whole movie has almost no “pure conversation”, almost every conversation between the characters are songs. There are many instruments are used in the music scores, and each characters have their very unique music quality. The movie really covered a wild range of topic, with Cosset changing from a helpless little girl to a young lady, and  Jean Valjean changing from a “sinner” to a kind man. The topic we covered in class such as gender, sexuality, genius are all included in the film. The film also protracted this class struggle between the French people and the ruling class.

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  1. Randy, this is certainly a viable topic, but you’ll want to be sure you draw purposeful connections between the topic and material discussed in class.

    • Hello Dr. F,

      So I realized this can be a topic on both gender and sexuality since it would be a project on the evolution of rock music. I found it very interesting since prior to 60s, people are very conservative. But when 60s and rock music hits, the idea of “liberation” or “freedom” allows the rock artists to express sexuality in their music, which none before.

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