Final Essay Topic: Mental Health in the Modern Music Industry

20 Oct

For my final essay, I will be elaborating on research I am currently conducting for my impromptu presentation on Thursday, which looks at how Kanye West’s bipolarity has affected his career in the music industry. In my research, one thing I came across is how a lot of people with mental disabilities are drawn to careers in entertainment through music, writing, or other mediums, as these industries foster individuals that feel more intense emotion in storytelling or other kinds of expression. However, for performers such as Kanye who struggle with bipolarity, it is essential for them to have space separate from their on-camera life, ┬ábut with the media constantly tracking celebrities, it is hard for performers such as Kanye to find that balance regularly. This is a large issue, as when they are without it, it causes them to have manic behavior and impacts the quality of their work. Essentially, I am arguing that creators with bipolar disorder can create incredible works that society greatly benefits from, but the lack of privacy they are given from the media prevents them from achieving their greatest quality of work.

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  1. Parker, I like your topic but have some reservations about it. Be sure that you’re focused primarily on music, not on media, and that you create purposeful connections to material studied in class.

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