Welcome to Money, Politics, and Prison

23 Aug

Dear Students:

I am looking forward to an exciting semester of readings, discussion, and documentaries on the prison industrial complex, the economy, and politics. You will note that there are two syllabi on the blog; one is for the evening course in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, (SPCS), and the other is for the Thursday afternoon class in the School of Arts and Sciences. We are fortunate to tackle this subject in the rich context of protests around police misconduct and more broadly, the criminal justice system. I am Prof. Andrea Y. Simpson, but I have shortened that moniker to “ProfSi”–it’s quicker to type and easy to say–“Prof-See”. Some of you have already taken a course from me, which pleases me greatly since I will get to know you better.

Take care and see you on Wednesday, September 5!


One Reply to “Welcome to Money, Politics, and Prison”

  1. This is a great law for the gun lobby because it creates a trigger-happy culture. Remember the days when a fight meant punching someone in the nose? Now, if you punch someone, you could be shot. Stand your ground laws enable gun owners to “protect themselves” if they feel threatened and are granted immunity if it is proven that their life is in danger. This law enables warfare on our streets. Hill compares this law to the “Wild West”. I completely agree with this sentiment. Thank God, Virginia has not enacted such a law. Possessing weapons in my mind is about the possession of power-the power to take away someone’s life. In this country, you are free to possess the power to kill with very little regulations or safety ordinances. The gun lobby is a powerful force in restricting any type of gun control or safety regulations. As Hill notes in this book, the stand your ground law in Florida was a victory for the NRA. Not only does it promote the use of guns for self-defense, it stimulates fear and the desire for protection. If people are carrying around guns, prepared to shoot if you piss them off, you had better be able to defend yourself! Hill notes that law enforcement in Florida have seen this law “encouraging, not discouraging lawbreakers.” I think this law puts its citizens in danger. I do not believe we need additional laws to support violent regression. It enables citizens to use fire power to enforce the rage.

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