Course Description 

What impact does media, such as film, social media, and television, have on our daily lives and the ways we form community? Who has access to circulating media to the mainstream? What tools do we need to make media that impacts power structures that have dominated political and cultural representations? This course examines these questions and more while remixing what is typically rendered as “scholarly.” We will bring into focus what is often overlooked and mis-represented in mainstream media, higher education, and other modes of institutional power. Starting with our own daily lives, personal experiences, and cultural practices, we will focus on understanding digital media as a set of texts that circulates knowledge about culture and the world. We will determine how our use of media tools help us to learn about ourselves, find community, and connect personal experiences to political structures. Engaging dialogue about performance media, class, power, and Black queer knowledges, this course will challenge participants to think critically about the ways culture is produced and consumed, and how media tools can be leveraged to circulate knowledge that disrupts the status quo. 


Faculty Instructor: Chaz Antoine,



*Check out this page for reflections and thoughts on course happening. -Prof. chaz