Alexander–Day 2 Thoughts

I am very pleased with the modification that was made regarding the nature of God as the “Father.” This distinction allows the proper understanding of who Jesus is in relation to God the Father, which I believe to be critical in our understanding of the knowledge of who God is. At risk of prolonging our discussions at the Council, however, I am not sure that I can continue on with the terms “alone,” “invisible,” and perhaps “one true God” being included in our Creed. In regards to God as a whole we certainly all believe him to be the only God, so I would agree that he is indeed alone in that manner. However, this Creed is to give our beliefs on the nature of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Saying that the Father is “alone” and “invisible” takes the power of God out of Jesus Christ, which is a heretical belief. Jesus Christ is God, therefore Jesus holds every power and characteristic of God, not only the Father. I hope that we are able to make these changes as the Council progresses.

Our beliefs on the nature of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their relations with one another are true. With that being said, I fear the goal of many, particularly the Arians, will strive to come to a complete agreement on a single creed. I do not see this happening, as it is crucial for us Alexandrians to clearly state the truth on who Jesus Christ. My reasoning is as follows:

Imagine a Creed that satisfies both very theologically different sides. In order for complete agreement on the Creed to happen it will have to be vague and unspecific in many different places to allow for our beliefs to be included. With vague wording, nothing will change. We will all go back to our provinces, continue to teach the same beliefs, and continue to fight and disagree with one another on these issues. The only way to ensure unity within the Church as a whole, and thus the Empire as a whole, is to create a Creed that is specific enough to prevent further disunity among the teachings of those entrusted by the grace of God to share his Gospel to the masses. I hope and pray that we can achieve this and create a solid stance and base from which to go out to all the world, united together as brothers in Christ.