Creed Day 1

I am well pleased with the portion of the creed that we all agreed on regarding the nature of our almighty and indivisible God. I particularly agree with the identification of our God being the “One and only true God,” because it provides a clear distinction  of our beliefs regarding divinity. In addition, I am delighted to have rid the creed of unnecessary repetition, for as I stated during the Council it should not be too wordy and difficult for non-Christians to understand. I appreciate the respect that was given towards all members of the Council, despite the tension that we know to be present. We all know the power of God, and I am satisfied that we could work together to unite our theology as one. God is unending and never-changing, and I believe that we have honored God well in our statement of faith.

To me it was important to put together a creed which could be understood and known by any Christian man. The precise and careful language provides that opportunity, an opportunity to preach to others the message that we know to be Truth. By eliminating excessive word use and clearly identifying God as the One and only divine being, I believe that we are better able to unite all of the empire and beyond.

If there was one problem with the established creed during the Council, I would say I am unsure about the elimination of the distinction of God as the Father. God is three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I fear that we are limiting God by not identifying those three parts of His being. I am sure that this issue will be raised during the rest of the Council, as I know of some to have strong opinions about this distinction of God. I look forward to seeking more clarity with my brothers in Christ.