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Help Your Students Help Themselves via Effective Peer Review Activities

Jennifer Brown of Clemson University shares her ideas on effective peer review use in class. She shares the benefits of not only helping with instructor workload, but the skills students hone by going through the process (students learn how to professionally communicate constructive criticism with tact, etc.). She also shares the kinds of questions she gives students when doing their reviews, as this helps keep the activity from feeling like a burden.

(E-)Learning Strategy for the Future

Teemu Leinonen, an Associate Professor of New Media Design and Learning at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, documents his three-pronged approach to reforming education for the future. Firstly, he highlights the importance of incorporating a wide variety of teaching methods into the classrooms. Next, he hones in on the importance of online learning and sharing teaching methods with other educators. Finally, and most bluntly, Leinonen writes, “Get rid of all the stupidity.” While his ideas may seem blunt and at times, radical, Leinonen hopes they will inspire educators to take learning and teaching into the future.

Using Class Preparation Assignments (CPAs) to Inform and Stimulate Class Discussion

Student Preparedness Incorporated into the Course Design author Lynn Gillette (Nicholls State U.) describes a surprisingly effective way to improve students preparing for class. Her course design involves informal writing assignments (CPA) tied into a definitional grading system. Through references to literature and detailing her own experiences, this article is for anyone looking to ensure students are better motivated to prep themselves for your class.

Building a Sense of Belonging in an Online Classroom

Since the beginnings of online instruction, the biggest challenge has been how to build in social presence. The choice of LMS makes a big difference, as that can limit options. However, most LMSs these days have options that can work, even when fully asynchronous. In this article, Kari Henry Hulett details what changed her mind on how to go about engaging her online students differently. Read on to see how she built a better community in her online classes, and practical methods you can use as well.