Conversation with faculty

I have talked with Dr. Forsyth and Dr. Johnson about my research interests. During the meeting with Dr. Forsyth, we talked through the potential areas and came to a possible research question that how activated or inactivated in-group vs out-group identity influence the communication process like the extent of sharing personal stories? During the meeting with Dr. Johnson who is an expert in interpersonal communication and relationships, I talked about what I care about and why I am interested in certain research topics; he introduced me to two new related concepts that are dialectical theory and cognitive complexity. I also briefly learnt about research methods used in rhetoric and communication studies which are “everything”!
I am a little worried about choosing my adviser. I still want to talk to some professors like Dr. Goethals, Dr. Hoyt, Dr. Lundberg, and Dr. Hobgood. Currently I am at a point where it seems to me that my topic is specific but actually it is not. I cam a little concerned about what direction I am heading into. It is difficult to choose useful readings too.

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  1. Make sure that you email at least Dr. Goethals and Dr. Hoyt about your thesis–both to get recommendations for possible readings (and specifically ask for some) and about whether they think they could be a good advisor for your thesis (or who might be). Your primary advisor has to be in Jepson. Dr. Lundberg or Dr. Hobgood could certainly serve on your committee next year, but that’s not something you need to worry about just yet!

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