Awe Expands the Perception of Time

this article did experiments to place people under conditions of awe. These conditions were compared to a control group that was primed to feel happiness. It showed that people who experienced awe felt like they had more time which in turn led to prosocial behaviors like donating money/time. This article helped me come up with a few new research questions to explore:

Is sense of time a mediating factor between awe and behavior?

Are there other factors that explain behavioral changes that result from feelings of awe?

What are some benefits and costs of feeling like one has more time?

Does knowing that one is in an “awe” condition affect the results of an experiment? do I have to create a sneaky experience of awe to get valid results?

Would we see the same results if the authors had used a negative kind of awe?


Hopefully by reading more of the literature on this topic I can start to answer these questions and find a more direct question to answer with my own research.