Blog Post 2/5 Noonan

Things to research – topics, keywords, etc.:

  • history of television
  • television industry (current)
  • women in comedy
  • feminist film/TV studies / media studies
  • female writers, producers, creators, showrunners
  • depictions of women in leadership roles on TV
  • keywords: comedy, women, television, feminist, leadership, Tina Fey

Possible resources:

  • Books
    • history of America TV/comedy/entertainment/media, to get a historical context
    • memoirs and autobiographies, for first-hand accounts, anecdotes, insider perspective
  • Interviews
  • the shows themselves
  • articles from periodicals about:
    • feminist media studies
    • popular film and television
    • cultural studies (21st century America)
  • Encyclopedia of Television

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  1. I have some things that might be relevant for you–anthologies on gender, race, and media, some other stuff on pop culture…

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