Mapping Topics

Research Process: 

  1. Could my research become too focused?
  2. How will I find relevant information/findings regarding my topic if it becomes too specific?
  3. How important is quantitative data for social science studies?
  4. Is a form of observation/data collection required for studies involving people/societies?
  5. Is there a particular time frame for research or should research occur throughout the entire process?

Topic/Interests: (All areas of interest would be geared specifically to middle school students)

  1. School Climate and perceptions of leaders/administrators on student performance/school climate
  2. Efficacy of Home Base disciplinary procedures in RPS
  3. Importance of social workers within RPS on student retention/graduation rates/mental health
  4. How difficult/what barriers would I have to cross in order to get access to student records
  5. Although I am thinking about an MPP program w/ a concentration in ed. policy, If I decide to focus my Thesis on a related topic but decide to pursue a different graduate program, could my Honor’s Thesis still give me an advantage in the process of applying for an unrelated program?