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Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery

Over Thanksgiving Break, I also visited Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery. Within the gallery, I visited two exhibits: Christopher Madden’s “Works of Thanksgiving” and the Holiday Art Show. The first display showcased an array of painted images, ranging from silhouettes to deserts. Madden used lots of cool tones in his work. My favorite piece from the collection, “Laundry Day,” illustrated homes on a hill, seaside with laundry hung up on clothes pins breezing in the wind. The only piece I found that clearly related to Thanksgiving was a piece titled “Breezing Up.” The image displayed pioneers on a ship labeled “Gloucester.”

The second exhibit, “Holiday Art Show,” featured various cheery pieces. Some of my favorites include the multicolored glassware and the festive, ceramic Christmas ornaments. Additionally, I really liked a painting called “Train.” The piece was very soothing; it was an acrylic painting on canvas. It seemed to be an abstract work using teal, white, and light blue paint. Although I cannot clearly draw a connection to our class discussions (like I was able to do with the other gallery I visited), I still enjoyed my experience at Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery.

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