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The Internet as a Weapon

During his talk, “The Internet as a Weapon,” Yasha Levine, a Russian-American investigative journalist and author, discussed how the internet and technology has evolved into an extremely powerful weapon. Levine is a Soviet immigrant who grew up in San Francisco, California. In San Francisco, Levine was taught that technology would solve all problems in the world- inequality, corruption, etc. He was taught that the internet would hold people accountable because of its transparency. His image of America, being an immigrant, became inseparable with the promise of technological revolution. 

While technology has taken over, it has been turned into a weapon in ways many would not imagine. After it was able to throw the 2016 election, people have increasingly feared how the internet can be such a powerful weapon of influence. Social media can track out every move and it is connected with American security. Additionally, the technology has the ability to predict conflict, war, etc. Technology is constantly evolving and progressive and if people don’t keep it in check it can become a dangerous part of this time period.

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