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Satrapi’s move

Satrapi’s move to Austria severely changed her not only her environment but perception of the world. Leaving Iran and living away from home for the first time introduced her into a whole new “free world” in which she began to question everything. Her exposure to the sexual revolution par western influence conflicted her original teachings in Iran. In certain instances Satrapi felt as if she was “playing a game by somebody else’s rules.” (39-for me) Her guilt ate at her conscious during this section as she adopted a more assimilated lifestyle. Why should she be smoking with her friends when her parents were being bombed, daily?

As Satrapi floats from different social circles she faces a constant “outsider” feeling. As Michael Paul referred to in his blog post, Marji can’t seem to find a group which accepts her for who she is and what she believes. Satrapi’s exposure to  western influenced anarchism was much different than her’s in Iran, yet rooted in a similar beliefs. 

Although the beginning of her move was not easy at first, Satrapi grew through her experience. Her mom’s visit towards the end of the section allowed for a stillness in Satrapi which she did not have before. Satrapi could understand why her mom would sacrifice so much for her safety and growth. 

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