The Law Library maintains a database of previous exams and essay questions for many classes and instructors. You can access it from campus (or when connected to the VPN from off-campus) by clicking the Law School Exam File Archives link on the main Law Library web page. Scroll down to the “Quick Links” section to find the exam archives and more library resources!

The Library also maintains a collection of study guides, study aids and review materials on a book case outside the 1st floor restrooms. These items do not need to be checked out and are on a take-one-leave-one system.

You can also browse topical research guides compiled by the Law Library Reference Librarians.

And don’t forget, the library also subscribes to the following electronic study collections:

  • West Academic study aids – NutshellsShort & Happy Guides, and Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Aspen Learning LibraryExamples & Explanations, Glannon, Casenotes, and Emmanuel series
  • Lexis Digital Library – Understanding and Questions & Answers series
  • Quimbee – Case briefs, course lessons (video), practice essay and multiple choice questions, outlines, etc.
  • CALI – Lessons, podcasts, outlines, books, etc.
  • Spaced Repetition – Emmanuel Law in a Flash cards with an algorithm-powered study program that helps you learn far more, in less time

Check out this Research Guide on our Study Aids for additional help!

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Looking for exam examples? Study aids? Research Guides? The Law Library has it all! – UPDATED 8/2022

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