Ready for some super-sized fast food mayhem, Facepalm-style?

First, a spicy legal spat between the once and future king of food poisoning, Chipotle, and salad bowl chain Sweetgreen has settled without much sizzle. Sweetgreen recently released a new menu item it had called the “Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl,” which, according to Chipotle, was a direct affront to its trademark. According to the complaint, the marketing of Sweetgreen’s “warm grain bowl” featured typography too close to Chipotle’s own logo, as well as an appropriation of their signature Adobo Red color scheme. Likewise, Sweetgreen’s tongue-in-cheek response to a tweet from the world’s only fan of salad saying “Chipotle, who?!” was not a laughing matter to the butt of the joke—”You said it, not us .” (I don’t think that’s funny enough to sue over, but what do I know?). In the end, Sweetgreen changed the name of its warm food thing to avoid getting wrapped up in litigation with the burrito baron, and Chipotle can now go back to being the undisputed champ of nearly edible, foil-swathed wads of at-least-it’s-not-Taco-Bell Mexican-ish food.

Next, let’s we turn to a saucy lawsuit filed on a wing and a prayer against family-friendly sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings. Aimen Halim has filed a class action suit against the wing-slinger for false advertising, claiming the restaurant’s boneless wings are not, in fact, wings. According to the suit, the “wings” in question are actually 100% white meat chicken breast instead of being de-boned wing meat, and are instead more akin to a “chicken nugget” than a wing. In response, BWW tweeted, “It’s true. Our boneless wings are all white meat chicken. Our hamburgers contain no ham. Our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo.” Now Halim is begging the judge not throw out the case to punish the “hubris” of BWW’s latest Instagram post which eloquently states their official position on the issue—”We don’t give a s—.”

Halim’s chicken suit is likely all about earning a few bocks, and the whole thing seems pretty clucked up to me. Facepalm achieved.

The Facepalm Archives (September 2023)

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