There’s been a lot of changes since the Spring, 2023 semester.  The law school is excited to welcome you back to our new and improved spaces!  One glaring omission is our computer lab.  So, where’d did everything go?

We do have a new “Print Lab” located behind the IT Help Desk in the Commons (143).  You’ll find two computers, one black and white network printer, one color printer, and both Lexis printers.  In the credenza you’ll find staplers, etc.  This lab is open 24/7 with your University One/Spider card.  The door is keyed for law students (and library employees) only.



Because we want to provide equipment where you might need it, we left one printer on the first floor of the library near the reading room, and one printer in the phone pod room on the second floor of the library.  You’ll also find two computers on the second floor as well – one is located at the standing table on the carrel side of the second floor of the library, and one is near the windows next to the study rooms adjacent to the Law Clinic offices.



Finally, there is another computer in the library’s basement near a window and the RC/UA/ZA book range.




The IT Help Desk associates will fill printer paper and check staplers daily, but feel free to let the desk know if a printer or stapler is in need of our attention, including low toner and paper jams.

As always, please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or thoughts to – we’re here to help.

On behalf of the Technology Services team, we hope you have a fantastic school year.


Where’d the tech stuff go?

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