Please Keep Quiet in the Reading Room

In response to student requests, we created maps to show the planned configuration for Spring 2023 exams.  We show the layout for all library floors and the third floor above our space.

Browse floor plan images in this blog post or download a PDF document with all details. We are working to implement this for Spring 2023 exams. Some features, such as additional reserved seats on the second floor, will be set up in the near future.

Across four floors, we provide places to:

  • Select open seats for exams: 1st floor,¬†especially¬†the reading room
  • Book seats during exams: basement, 2nd floor
  • Study in groups or work on final papers/projects: 12 rooms across 3 floors
  • An area for quiet conversations, lunch and relaxed seating: 1st floor

During the reading week and two weeks of exams, we will restrict library access to only law students.

Note: For any unmarked areas, we will keep these spaces as quiet as possible. However, potential foot traffic (e.g. 2nd floor entrance) and service needs (e.g. 2nd floor IT help desk) mean that these areas may have distractions that interrupt concentration.

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We welcome questions and feedback about the plans to support Spring 2023 exams.

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