By now, (most) everyone has created shortcuts in Microsoft Word for such things as Silcrows (section symbols). But did you know you can create custom shortcuts in Google Docs as well?

They work a bit differently, but you can create ways to make typing faster. Also, you can create shortcuts to common words and phrases too. This feature may come in super handy if you’re writing a paper or brief and find yourself using the same phrase or names over and over again – give it a try!

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Open Google Docs
Open existing / create a new doc
Click Tools
Click Preferences
Click Substitutions
In a blank Replace box, type the shortcut key you want
(Google does have a few built-in shortcuts)
Right-click on the With box
Choose Emoji & Symbols
Scroll to the top of the list (there’s a LOT!)
Type what you’re looking for (such as the section symbol)
Enjoy browsing all of the available emojis and symbols!
Click the emoji or symbol for the shortcut
Click OK
Go back into Preference/Substitutions
Ensure a check box is next to your new shortcut
Creating Custom Shortcuts in Google Docs

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